Inspiration Monday #7: Copper Culture

Monday, 15 June 2015

'Inspiration Monday' are easily my most requested posts and they're one of my favourite ones to make. Creating them also makes for a great excuse to spend hours on Pinterest (not that I ever need an excuse, right?!) 
It seems as though everywhere i look lately is being dominated by these warm, brass shades.. If the title didn't already give it away, today we're talking about the copper/rose gold trend.

Copper was initially used to create tools and weapons before it was ever utilised in the design world. During the 15th century, the material began being used to create artworks and sculptures. Both copper and rose gold had also become a widely desired alloy in jewellery design in passing years. Now both of these materials have become quite favoured in home design and fashion and it doesn't seem like a trend that will be letting up any time soon.

Anyone who knows me personally would know exactly how much I adore all things copper and rose gold- Isn't it just so pretty?!
These warm metallic fixtures and fittings always stand out. It just looks absolutely beautiful when added to simple interiors. What i love most about it is the versatility of the material. When paired with light, delicate pieces, a sense of elegance and femininity is formed. In contrast, copper can carry its own in industrial settings. 

Now I want to know your thoughts- Do you love this trend as much as I do? If you do, don't forget to check out my 'Copper Culture' Pinterest board to see what else inspired me to create this post. 
Thats it for this time. Please let me know if you've got any ideas for my next instalment of the 'Inspiration Monday' series and I'll see you back here for a new post very soon.

Love Megan xo


  1. Love love everything copper! Iam slowly filling up my apartment with copper goodies!

    1. It's just so darn pretty isn't it? You'll have to show me all of your gorgeous goodies!
      Thanks for reading, have a great day :)

      Megs x