365 Days..

Friday, 26 June 2015

Well, can you believe it? 
Its been exactly 365 days since I launched myself into the wonderful world of blogging... and what a year it's been! 

When starting this journey of mine a year ago today, I definitely didn't know what to expect or if anything would come of it at all. I simply wanted my own little place to inspire change. Have I succeeded in doing so? While that may be up for interpretation, I believe by developing this space, I've unintentionally inspired change in myself.

This past year has been the biggest so far for me in terms of personal growth. While much of this growth is due to external influences and experiences I've had, I can't deny that my emotional health has been uplifted by the work I've done on this blog, as well as the interactions I've had with you, my readers. I am often asked about my contributions and experiences with the blog in my everyday life and nothing pleases me more than the fact I am proudly able to say that I've not confronted any negativity from readers,  nor others in the blogging community. It may be my intention to always remain positive and work to inspire, but it is everyone who continues to support me who are truly responsible for the operations of this blog even a year on. 

If you're a new blogger, my biggest piece advice to you in overcoming your first year would be to seek support from others in the community. I've gotten involved in group discussions particularly over on Twitter and have now made absolutely wonderful friends from all around the world. It's such a rewarding interest and starting up the blog truly was one of the best things i've done to date.

I have a few things I would love to accomplish in this next year of my blogging journey and you may have read about them previously in this post of mine. Hopefully by taking things slowly, I can achieve some of my current goals and continue on to the next. Again, regardless of whether you've been around from the very beginning or if this is the first post of mine you've stumbled across, Thank you for everything. I'm very appreciative of the support and kindness that's always been shown to me.

Happy 1st Birthday 'Room With a Bloom', hopefully many more to come! 

Love Megan xo

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